How to Self- Heal with Ho’oponopono

May 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

For those new to Ho’oponopono I recommend reading this excellent article on Self-Healing using the Ho’oponopono process courtesy of Vicky Coombes :

“Between the full and the next new moon is the time of letting go, cutting away, releasing and reflection. The moon is waning and her influence gradually weakens. Now is not the time for planting new ideas but contemplating what has been achieved in the previous few weeks and reflecting on what can be allowed to go. Without an empty space we cannot allow anything new to take root or blossom.

The Ancient Hawaiian art of Ho’Oponopono is a simple and transformational healing method that lends itself  to a time of letting go, (but practicing it all the time by anyone who is trying to self-heal is even better!)

Ho’Oponopono means ‘to make right’ or ‘to rectify an error’.

The Ancients believed that making ourselves right with the people in our life leads to inner peace and happiness.

It’s effective and will bring results for anyone but can be especially helpful as well if you have suffered any anxiety, fear or panic in your life...CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE