How Does Ho’oponopono Work ?

September 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

Great article on how the Ho’oponopono process works by Dr Hew Len’s student, Mabel Katz

How does the Ho’oponopono cleaning work:

The cleaning is initiated by the intellect. It is the mental part in you and the one that has free choice. God gave you the gift of the intellect (apple tree) to choose, it was not to fill it up with knowledge and to get University degrees.

To choose what? Follow God or your memories and programs. Do it God’s way or your way. And please know you are choosing 24/7 all the time. Well, your programs are the ones choosing for you all the time, unless your intellect chooses differently (the cleaning).

What does it mean to choose the cleaning? Well, your intellect becomes a little bit more humble and says:

I am sorry, please forgive me for whatever is in me that is creating this. The intellect knows it is not GUILTY, just RESPONSIBLE.

Responsible for what?

Responsible for the programs playing in you and you don’t even need to know, or understand. There is a part of you that knows better and is waiting for you to give permission!

In order to clean, do I need to repeat all that?

To clean, do I need to say the 4 words that I learned from Joe Vitale?

When I clean, do I need to think and concentrate on what I am cleaning with?

NO, NO and NO.

Just repeating thank you or I love you in your mind does it (the I am sorry, please forgive me for whatever is in me that is creating this is built in!) Thank you and I love you are the pass codes!

Plus, you never know what you are cleaning on, nor you are the one deciding what it gets cleaned. You are just giving permission!!!

So, how does the cleaning work?

When the intellect chooses to take 100% responsibility and to let go, it is like an order that goes to the subconscious mind (the innerchild in you).

The inner child in you is the one that holds all the memories and is the one that makes the connection to your superconscious mind (the part in you that is perfect) and it is the superconscious the one that makes the petition to the Creator.

Immediately after, Mana or divine energy comes down and cleanses you spiritualy, mentally, emotionally and finally physically. The response is automatic.

Important to know: All your problems are a memory playing in the subconscious mind. They are not at the physical level. The problem is the memory or the thought that created your problem at the physical!

Every time you say “thank you” or “I love you” you are letting go, giving permission to this part of you that knows better. This part knows even why that problem showed up, and what is the perfect solution for it too!

And, it is the law of the #Universe. Every time you knock, the door opens.

The cleaning is like the game of the Universe and the rules are:

1 ) You trust that every time you say thank you, something happens even if you cannot feel it or see it.

2) No expectations. You do not know where it is going to come from. You do not know what is right and perfect for you. Sorry! Just trust and be patient. Become an observer of your life. You are not your problems. You are above your problems.

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