I Don’t Like Saying I’m Sorry !

September 24, 2014 in Prayers & Mantras, The Technique

One of the most common issues that comes up when using the 4 phrases is the reluctance of some practioners to say I’m Sorry..Please Forgive Me- saying these phrases often brings up feelings of guilt and remorse.

When asked if it was necessary to say all 4 phrases when cleaning Dr Hew Len teaches that it is to the memories that we are saying sorry, he advises to avoid over analysing the situation..don’t think too much just clean..

He says that it is up to each individual to listen to their own divinity and to act accordingly..

If saying I Love You..Thank You or even I Love You on it’s own feels right to you then follow that guidance, especially if the negative effects are affecting your overall vibration…

Try to remember that it is not yourself that you’re asking The Divine to clean..you are already perfect..!

It is the problem memory that needs to be addressed and the words I LOVE YOU are all you need in any communication with The Divine in any situation..

Said with faith and conviction these are the 3 most powerful words in the Universe..I advise you to use them often 🙂

i love you