Law of Probability

January 30, 2015 in Universal Laws

One final law that we should be aware of in realtion to Universal Law is the The Law of Probability which is a sub-law to The Law of Attraction

When we shift from our old reality to the new one it is done gradually, in small, incremental, dimensional shifts. The Universe will begin to synchronise with whatever we already have in our lives. If you are living in a shack, destitute, with no education or prospects, you won’t suddenly find yourself in a high powered career, living in a penthouse.

That would be improbable.

But you may find that job that will help you move into a better house. Unexpectedly you might discover that your kids qualify for a free scholarship. Things will improve and keep improving, until one day you just might find yourself in that penthouse. If that’s what you really want…
You have to ask yourself what is the likelihood of me winning the lotto?

Slim to none.

What about if you haven’t even bought a ticket? What is the probability now?


The same goes with health issues. Though we choose to live in an age of tremendous medical advancements, some things are still impossible. You are not suddenly going to re-grow a limb. We must work within the limits of our times. Of course these boundaries will change and expand, as mankind evolves and progresses.

“Nothing endures but change.”- Heraclitus, (535-475bc)

Until then we have to work with the forces and laws that govern this physical plane.

law of probability