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January 17, 2015 in Ho'oponopono Articles

Interesting article here from Patricia Anaya on her experiences when first using the Ho’oponopono process…I love hearing first hand accounts from other Ho’oponopono practioners; if you would like to share your own experiences on this blog just get in touch 🙂

Anyway here’s Patricia’s story:

“I like to visit a Law of Attraction forum every day. A lot of wise people give their opinions and advice there. I’ve learned a lot from them! Also, I visit this forum to find out what kind of personal “issues” people are struggling with. Three months ago, I saw a forum called “Ho’oponopono,” and I didn’t recognize the subject matter, so I didn’t open it.

Last week I was reading a book called, “Attract Money Now” by Joe Vitale. In the last – bonus – chapter he writes about “Ho’oponopono,” which prompted me to re-visit the forum I saw and read it. While I was reading the book – a digital version – I was also reading my e-mails too. I was struggling with one of my customers (and friend) about some changes (changes, changes and more changes!) on his work. I decided to tell him what I thought about the changes by writing him a very polite but critical e-mail, explaining what I thought he should do. I was afraid he may get mad at me – so as I pushed the send button, I repeated these words: “I’m sorry and I love you” a few times. I’d just read about “Ho’oponopono” and Joe Vitale wrote about an experience with an e-mail in his book. Five minutes later, I got an e-mail from my customer with these words: “I love you when you boss me”… saying understood my e-mail. I was “shocked”… and I read the e-mail over and over again.

When authors write about these types of occurrences or about “miracles” in their lives, I have my doubts about them, like most of you, but when I noticed how many “miracles” have been happening in my life since I’m living on Happiness every day (and practicing the Law of Attraction), I need to allow them some credit….” continued here: FULL ARTICLE

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