Ho’oponopono: to Clean or Not to Clean?

November 10, 2015 in Ho'oponopono Articles, Ho'oponopono Teachers, The Technique

Great article from Ho’oponopono teacher Dr Pam Pappas on what we can and can’t clean using the Ho’oponopono process –

Ho’oponopono: to Clean or Not to Clean? Or: Who Gets the Non-Stop Flight 🙂

“Ho’oponopono is a process which can be used in ALL of life, not just sometimes.  It can cleanse memories or data from us, which would otherwise show up as problems. The trick is to remember to DO IT. Even the most caring and genuine among us can sometimes forget.

Ordinarily, Ho’oponopono preparations before an airplane trip would include gently talking with your Inner Child (or Unihipili) about where you’re going — and making sure s/he is willing to come too. You’d cover all the legs of the journey, offering protection and care. You’d do your “HA” breathing, to make sure all parts of you are connected and energized before setting out; you might use a specific cleaning tool as inspired, multiple times before leaving. Think of how you’d prepare a small child for such a trip, and you’ve got it.

Usually I clean with each of the steps beforehand, from door to door — and talk with the plane when I board. Sounds weird, I know; but I do. Planes are often grateful somebody notices what all they do. Sometimes for all of this, an abbreviated process is fine.

And here’s what happens when you don’t do ANY process, even connecting with your Inner Child… Read the rest of the article  HERE 🙂