Universal Consciousness

October 16, 2014 in Divine Consciousness, Ho'oponopono Articles, Ho'oponopono Secrets

As well as conforming to Universal Law some of the other core beliefs that underpin the Ho’oponopono’s process are-

A Universal Mind or Consciousness

The belief in some form of Universal Mind or Divine Consciousness is fundamental in the majority of the world’s religions and spiritual teachings, and Ho’oponopono is no exception. The nature of this God consciousness and its relationship with us is crucial in understanding how and why the Ho’oponopono process works.

Whether it is called; God, Allah, Brahman, Yahweh, The Divine, Universal Mind or Universal Consciousness– a creator who is Omnipotent (all powerful), Omniscient (all knowing), Omnipresent (present everywhere at the same time), Omnificent (all creating), is central in many religions and spiritual teachings.
But unlike the Christian concept of God as a separate supreme deity who rules and holds moral authority over us. A higher power outside ourselves, superior to us. One that we have to worship and beg if we desire change in our lives. In Ho’oponopono philosophy there is no separation or difference between us and our creator. We are a complete and identical part of the all, made in the exact image of God, a chip off the old block.

“Each of us is a microcosm, or fractal, of the entire universe. The entire universe rests within the centre of your Being. So in a sense we are all One with the universe. But in the sense that the entire universe is manifest within us, just as we are manifest within it. We are all intricately connected. In fact, that connectedness is so intricately woven, that it can appear as one, just like a tapestry appears as one piece, yet there are many threads that make up the tapestry. So in a sense, we are One..”Greg Calise [15]

The Universal Mind is all there is and we are part of that all and as such we hold all the same powers as it does-

“There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; My philosophy is kindness” – The Dalia Lama [16]

“The Kingdom of God is With You”– Jesus [17]

There is no out there…your true self, your true divinity lies dormant and waiting within you- Paul jackson (Ho’oponopono Secrets 2014)

The Divine