The Four Phrases of Ho’oponopono in Practice

November 14, 2015 in Ho'oponopono Articles, The Technique

Wonderful article here on putting the Four Phrases of Ho’oponopono into practice, from Adam J. Pearson –

What is Ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian art of healing, which developed as a social practice, a way of resolving conflicts between people, families and groups.  However, Dr. Hew Len and his teacher, Mornah Simeona, extended ho’oponopono into an inner practice for individuals, a technique for intelligently meeting whatever we encounter in daily life.  For Dr. Hew Len, ho’oponopono is a way of “cleaning” or “clearing” conditioning and unconscious programs (learned tendencies to think, feel, act, and react in certain ways) that we have accumulated over the years so that they no longer run our lives.

According to this viewpoint, we are in some way responsible for everything that appears in our life simply because it arises in our life.  This doesn’t mean that we should feel guilty for all of the bad things that happen in the world; rather, it means that we recognize the part we play in the events that happen to us. It means recognizing the unconscious data or conditioning that plays itself out both in our own body-minds and those of others.  From this point of view, if we are encountering violence and anger in others, there must be something in us that reflects these same tendencies. In fact, from this perspective, the ‘external world’ and the ‘inner world’ of thoughts, memories and feelings are not ontologically separate; instead, they are totally united, seamlessly one.  Whatever we see outside of our bodies is still within us from this point of view. And because it is happening or coming up within us, we need to work with it.  We work with it by doing the cleaning, that is, working through the programs and conditioning data so that they can be released from our minds…Click Here to Read the Full Article 🙂