Do Prayers Work ?

August 31, 2014 in Prayers & Mantras

Here’s a fascinating account of scientific experiments into the effectiveness of prayer by John Van Auken A.R.E

The biggest support for the power of prayer is coming from medical research! Science is proving the effectiveness of prayer, beyond what anyone expected. Not only are researchers finding that prayer affects humans, it affects bacteria, seeds, plants, and mice! Since these would all seem to be beyond the influence of religious faith, the question naturally arises: Just what is the true power in prayer? How can one’s prayers affect the growth of bacteria and seeds, or even mice?

Prayer results are just as amazing in human studies. In a 1988 study by Dr. Randolph Byrd at San Francisco General Hospital, 393 coronary care patients receiving prayer with their medical care suffered significantly less congestive heart failure, fewer cardiopulmonary arrests, used fewer antibiotics and diuretics, and had less pneumonia.

In a 1998 study at California Pacific Medical Center, a double-blind study revealed profound effects from “distant healing prayer” with advanced AIDS patients. They survived in greater numbers, got sick less often, and recovered faster than those not receiving prayer.

An amazing study published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine showed how prayer could help even those who did not know they were being prayed for. The study was conducted at Columbia University in New York City on women having difficultly becoming pregnant. They found that even though the women did not know they were being prayed for, 50% of the prayed-for group became pregnant as opposed to only 26% of the control group that was not prayed for.

Larry Dossey, a well-known doctor in Dallas and author of several books on prayer, says that prayer’s power lies in one’s thoughts and intentions. This type of prayer is amenable to study because, once emitted, it should cause its intended effects. He explains that as humanity becomes more aware of the universal mind, which is a “non-local mind” that is infinite and immortal, in which we all have our existence, then healing will be more common and “we could become a kinder, gentler culture.” Any prayerful intention and thought from one local-mind to another has an impact upon that other because we are connected. Nonlocal mind leads to what he calls “the Golden Rule of Era III of medicine and healing: ‘Do good unto others because they are you!’ Why? Because nonlocal mind is unlimited and boundless, which means that minds can’t be walled off from each other. In some sense, at some level, we are each other.”

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