Ho’oponopono Friends

March 23, 2015 in Ho'oponopono Friends, Ho'oponopono Social Media Sites

The individual nature of Ho’oponopono practice can sometimes lead to one feeling islolated and alone-

And even though we might understand that this is just part of the illusion, and that in reality we are never alone..never separate from our Divine Source, the feelings of separation and loneliness are quite real..

If you are experiencing any of these challenges I urge you to connect with a Ho’oponopono community group. There are loads out there and all by their very nature are extremely friendly and welcoming to new members.

I’ve listed a few that I belong to below to get you started 🙂

UK Ho’oponopono Facebook Group – Ran by Paul Bridge

Embrace Your Ho’oponopono – Ran by Saul Maraney

Ho’oponopono Facebook Group

Ho’oponopono Lovers – Ran by Erika L. Soul

Ho’oponopono Secrets – My Ho’oponopono Facebook Page

Spanish Ho’oponopono Facebook Group – Ran by Ceci Richard

Ho’oponopono Lovers Cleaning Room – Ran by Erika L. Soul

UK Huna Facebook Group – Ran by Aloha Gary