How Often Should I Clean ?

October 28, 2014 in Ho'oponopono Secrets, The Technique

How often should I clean?
Let’s be very clear Ho’oponopono practice is a full time occupation, almost a state of mind. Not when you are in the mood, or have some free time. Not on Sundays, not five times a day. It is demanding and it is constant.
Different problems require varying amounts of time. Keep cleaning until they are resolved. Most become ongoing, for example, a simple room, or house cleaning petition will probably be sent once or twice a day, but it could go on indefinitely. For health issues I generally clean until the symptoms disappear, and then top up regularly with a simple gratitude based mantra. World peace, or a cure for cancer, will take a bit more time and effort…
Please note; you can very quickly find yourself overwhelmed so choose your problems wisely- no-one expects you to cure the world’s problems instantly. Each problem cleaned is a step in the right direction. Try to remember Dr Hew Len’s words- “Peace begins with me”

Unless you are at peace with yourself you can’t bring peace to others.

Extract from  (Ho’oponopono Secrets 2014) by Paul Jackson