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February 16, 2016 in Ho'oponopono Books, Ho'oponopono Secrets

Latest Amazon Reviews for Ho’oponopono Secrets by Paul Jackson: Four Phrases to Change the World One Love to Bind Them –

Five Stars ***** A Must Read. Will enlighten….HO’OPONOPONO (Feb 2016)

Five Stars ***** first purchased this book due to my interested in Huna. In-fact I was looking for a Kindle version of ‘Huna: A Beginner’s Guide’ by Enid Hoffman (excellent book). While this book touches on a different aspect of this philosophy, I did thoroughly enjoy the book and practice its simply, but powerful techniques daily. I have found such peace from this book. It has help transform the manner in which I pray. (Dec 2015)

Five Stars ***** I have read a few books now on Ho’oponopono. This one is the best for me. I also ordered Ulrich Dupree’s book which is highly rated on Amazon and is quite nice. I found Paul Jackson’s approach to be more to my liking and much more perfect in explaining the process and background. I would say to understand and get the process going, this book is all that is necessary.

Five Stars ***** This is the best information I have read on Ho’oponopono. It is detailed and covers all the questions I have had about this practice. Instead of wasting time hunting all over the internet, or reading a bunch of different books, just get this one. Well written, clear, and concise.

Five Stars ***** easily understandable and to the point. One of the best books Ive read on the subject so far.

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UK Reviews –

Five Stars ***** This is another tool I use with clients to help them progress. A brilliant, effective and simple way to change one’s vibration and life.

Five Stars ***** It is very clear in its message. Easy to understand and practice. I felt a deep sense of joy just reading it.

Five Stars ***** In my many years as a ‘spiritual seeker’ I have rarely come across a book as enlightening and straightforward as this. If ever interest becomes so great that a ‘Ho’oponopono For Dummies’ is required, then I would suggest that Paul Jackson’s book be simply repackaged as exactly that. Save for the odd few typos this is as good an introduction as you’ll ever get to this fascinating subject. Excellent.

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