Ho’oponopono Explained

August 21, 2014 in Ho'oponopono Secrets, The Technique

An extract from my upcoming e-book Ho’oponopono Secrets;

“Ho’oponopono is an extremely simple, transformative process employed by individuals to clear and heal harmful past memories and unconscious programming.
I like to call it the “Karma Cruncher”…
It is based on the principle that each of us carries with us many lifetimes of karmic debt and other negative emotional baggage.
By petitioning a higher spiritual power individuals can resolve these issues. Freeing them to live the rest of their time on earth empowered. Living lives guided by inspiration, not fear and guilt.
The petition is carried out in the form of a mantra, and is a personal petition to God, The Source. The Void, Divine Intelligence whatever you choose to call it.
I prefer Divine Intelligence or The Divine at the moment…
By acknowledging and accepting responsibility for our past actions and deeds, we are able to free ourselves of their effects, leaving room for inspirational thoughts to flow in. The more you clean, the more you free yourself to follow your true path…
Ho’oponopono is not a religion. It is an intensely personal spiritual technique that individuals can use to communicate with the source of their existence.
It has roots in animistic belief systems. Believing that all living, and material things are connected, that the Earth (Gaia) itself is a living spiritual conscious being.
There are no priests or gurus, no masters or leaders, and no paths to follow. It needs no one but yourself, knows no boundaries, and can be practised, by anyone, anytime, anywhere.
In the next chapter we’ll look at the philosophy and some of the core beliefs that underpin the Ho’oponopono process; 100% responsibility, Co-creation, Reincarnation, Karma, Earth School, Spiritual Evolution, Duality.”

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